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NeoBux – 9th Anniversary

NeoBux is nine years old. The site celebrates with the usual discounts, available until March 30. Today we celebrate 9 full years of existence. It was 9 years ago today that we began our beta phase, giving our first step to forever changing and unequivocally improving the PTC industry. Let’s celebrate, then! Renewal discount on […]

EpicClix – Free Auto Recycling


The admin of EpicClix has been desperately trying to stabilize his sites for a long time and that leads to complaints, reduced earnings, dissatisfied and leaving members. The performance of rented referrals is one of the main subject of complaints.

Now the admin offers free auto recycling for a limited time, depending on membership:

OliveAdverts – PayPal Removed


It’s a few day old news that the OliveAdverts admin’s 12 year old PayPal account was closed therefore the site discontinues to use PayPal. The remaining payment methods are Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Payeer, OKPay were recently added. Fortunately, the site has some funds reserved outside of the PayPal account, but it does not […]

PTC News, Week 7, 2015


PaidVerts: The admin said, the next debt swap will not occur before April 6 and members will be warned four weeks before it happens. He set March 9 – 12 as a date to decide if another swap is necessary. He said, he doesn’t want another swap so early, but it depends on several factors, […]

PaidVerts PayPal Limitation


As the admin wrote, PaidVerts’ PayPal account has been limited and they suspended payments via all payment processors for two days. Meanwhile they are working on the issue. He even brought up the old rumor that PayPal no longer accepts Paid To Click websites and NeoBux and ClixSense will also loose their accounts. One of […]

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