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NeoBux – No More PayPal


Shocking news: NeoBux lost it’s PayPal account. NeoBux continues to pay with the remaining payment processors: Payza, Neteller and Skrill. Members, who made purchases via PayPal, can chose other payment gateway in about four weeks. PayPal contacted us today to notify us they would be terminating our account.I won’t sugarcoat it, this news came as […]

OliveAdverts – PayPal Removed


It’s a few day old news that the OliveAdverts admin’s 12 year old PayPal account was closed therefore the site discontinues to use PayPal. The remaining payment methods are Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Payeer, OKPay were recently added. Fortunately, the site has some funds reserved outside of the PayPal account, but it does not […]

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