Payment from HeedYou

HeedYou, $2.00, July 31, 2016

I got my first payment from HeedYou within 24 hours.

HeedYou is a PTC/GPT site opened in 2014 as Clicks-FX. They changed their name in 2015.

The site offers multiple ways to earn. The first option is PTC advertisements. This site does not offer guaranteed ads, so the daily earnings solely depend on advertising sales. Advertisers can chose from four different advertisement types. For clickers, this means that click rates vary from $0.0005 to $0.01. The first type is the most frequent, while the latter is rare. PTC earnings are not that great anyway, it’s about 1 cent or a bit more per day.

Below PTC ads you can find Surf Bonus Ads. This is a manual surfing option that gives points that can be exchanged in the Weekly Lottery game. Prizes include membership upgrades and cash both to account and purchase balance.

Thanks to the other earning opportunities, we can earn significantly more Heedyou. The site offers several other ways to earn, including CrowdFlower tasks, MinuteStaff and several other offerwalls. Once you accumulate $5 in your task balance you can transfer it to your account balance.

The affiliate program pays 25% for free members of their referrals’ clicks. Members can refer as many people as they can. HeedYou has a relatively low membership, therefore it’s easy to get direct referrals for this site.

HeedYou recently introduced PayPal Mass Pay. As a result, withdrawal fees dropped drastically from ~$0.35 + 2.5% to only 2% of withdrawal. Instant payments are expected to be available from October.

You can see the whole payment proof here. You can try HeedYou by clicking here.

Thanks to the administration and my referrals.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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