NeoBux Review 2019


Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $0.015 50% from $2 Skrill, NETELLER, AirTM instant 2008

NeoBux is far the most populated PTC site with several million members. It’s often called “The King of PTC”. Neobux has been online and paying since 2007.NeoBux pays its members to click and view ads, completing offers and simple tasks and refer other members.

Neobux offers about 25 fixed PTC ads at servr time, these are worth $0.001. There are many other ads during the day, these pay from $0.001 to $0.015. The number of PTC ads may depend on country. You don’t have to check all the time for new ads. You can install
browser addon that notifies when new ads are available.

AdPrize game is a nice addition to the site. For each PTC ad you view, you get three chances to win. Prizes include $50 into your account balance and one year Golden membrship.

NeoBux is the highest paying PTC site when it comes to CrowdFlower tasks. It pays $1 bonus for offers and task for exery $10 you earned.

Be advised, that certain offers, called “Coin Offers” are not credited instantly but 30 days after completion.

NeoBux pays 50% referral commissions for orange fixed ads and “extended exposure” ads. New members can refer after 15 days of registration and 100 clicks. After they meet this requirement, they can refer a maximum of 30 people. This limit increases by one every four days.

The rented referral system is an important point of NeoBux. Some people claims to earn huge amounts, while others report loss. I recommend to think twice before you rent referrals. It’s possible to gain profit from them, but only if you manage them by a good strategy.

Upgrades are quite expensive on NeoBux. Golden membership is $90 and it has several enhancement packs.

NeoBux currently pays to Payza, Neteller and Skrill. The minimum amount to withdraw is $2.00 for the first time. The mimimum is increased by $1 for each withdrawal, until $10. Payments are instant.

NeoBux is an old, paying, well reputed PTC site. I have good experience with it, and I think it’s a good opportunity to earn some extra cash.

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