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I was always interested in making money online and being my own boss, reaching financial freedom. I started PTC clicking. It was an easy job, but I quickly realized, that I can’t earn much by myself. I started blogs and various websites to refer people, so my earnings increased a little bit. I still did not earn much though. Then problems started to arise in the industry. More and more sites had problems with PayPal, the main payment processor. the new sites were scams one by one. Older sites either discontinued PTC advertising or had severe restrictions. It seems that the golden era of PTC is over, it’s time to move away.

PTC was an easy job. I accidentally found an blog post about a guy, who earned several thousand dollars with adult webcam sites by promoting them with watermarked videos. I thought, it was an easy job and gave it a try. The first month or so was hard, because I uploaded two or three videos every day and although a few people signed up under me, they didn’t spend, so I didn’t earn a dime. After the first six weeks, one of my referrals started to spend small amounts of money, so I started to get commissions. By then, I had uploaded about 100 videos to various porn sites. After that, my earnings started to grow moth by month. I got to the point where I earn a several hundred dollars per month and this is nearly not the end!

Looking back, I think, joining Chaturate was the best decision that I made during my online earning journey. I think, many people are in the same situation as I was. They want to move away from the dying PTC and TE industries, but have no idea where to start and what to do. I would like to help them by describing the opportunities of webcam sites, preferrably Chaturbate, because I found that it’s still converts well, easy to sign up and pays very reliably. To be honest, I only tried the affiliate marketing part of the industry, but I have some insights about modeling and I think it could be an even bigger opportunity for those who have the right adottság.

Clicking PTC sites is used to be an easy and convenient way to make money online. The vast majority of new sites are scams. Most of the old, legit PTC sites are still standing but PayPal is no longer working with them and some of them discontinue PTC ads while others pay rather low to maintain their stability. Let’s be honest, the golden era of PTC is over and earnings were never really good anyway.

The internet is full of money making opportunities. However many of them require skills or investment. However, there are still a few online jobs that are safer and pay better yet still easy and convenient. Cam modeling is one of these easy jobs and it pays very well. Affiliate marketing pays decent if you are a bit persistent and patient. This might be a good money making method for both men and women.

Whether you would like to work as a cam model or an affiliate, Chaturbate is a perfect choice. It’s one of the best and most trusted  and highest paying webcam site. Chaturbate is an established company since 2011. If you join them, you don’t have to worry about your payments.

Webcam Modeling

Webcam modeling i a dead easy way to make lots of money if you are not too shy.

Some people will freak out when read about webcam modeling, because they connect it with hardcore pornography. However this is not always the case. If you go to Chaturbate, there is a wide variety of broadcasters. More of them do sexy stuff, however there are some broadcasters with unique ideas. Some of them play instruments and sing, chatting and don’t even take off their clothes. In this job, you are your own boss. You decide how far you go and how much you show about yourself. Some people will even pay just for chatting and having some company. Just look around on Chaturbate and see what others do. Also, read the ToS what is permitted and what isn’t.

If you will go further, you still don’t have to show your face and you can cover your environment as you want. Webcam sites also allows country filtering. You can make your presence hidden for visitors from your own county or any other selected countries. Just go to your account settings and select countries that you want to block from watching your page. This way, your privacy will be reserved and no-one will discover you. Webcam modeling can be relatively anonymous and safe.

webcam model country filter

YOU decide who can see you on the chat site

What Do I Need to Start?

As for the equipment, you don’t need expensive stuff at first. You only need what you have already had: computer with an internet connection. You also need a camera, but you don’t need an expensive one at first. In cam modeling, performance often beats quality. You can upgrade your stuff later if you earn enough money. You can even use your phone as a camera and some of them are quite good for it.

How Much Can I Earn?


Some girls, like Chloe Khan, became rich by webcam modeling

It’s an important question. Top webcam models can earn hundreds of dollars daily or even more with a few hours of work. Some girls even became millionaires by video chatting, see their story here and here. A very decent monthly income is a reachable goal for anyone who have at least average capabilities and a little bit of persistence. Even if you are not very good looking, you can earn a decent income due to the huge demand for adult chat services. Adult entertainment is a thriving business. You can definitely earn a lot more than on PTC sites.


If you are not too shy to show yourself, webcam modeling is a great income opportunity. Don’t be surprised, if you will be asked to send a photo ID of yourself to support after registration. This age verification is necessary and safe. Chaturbate needs to verify that you are at least 18 years old and can legally work on adult sites. You can sign up Chaturbate by clicking the banner below:

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

If you want to stay in the background, you can still earn good money with the Chaturbate Affiliate Program. You have to promote the site and refer people. The affiliate program consists two different modes:

  • PPL – Pay Per Lead: Affiliates get paid simply for free registrations, from $0.01 to $1, depending on the referrals’ country. Chaturbate don’t require email confirmation, so the signup rate is much higher comparing to other webcam sites.
  • Revshare: Affiliates get 20% commission from the spending of their referrals. Also, if you refer a models, you get $50 when they earns their first $20.

The PPL option might be tempting and you can see quicker results. However, Revshare is much better in the long run. Once you refer someone, you will get your commissions for life. Even if you stop promoting the site, money still accumulates in your account and you will get paid when you reach the payment threshold. Unlike some other sites, Chaturbate does not require you to remain active.

When you register to Chaturbate, you get your affiliate links in the “Linking Codes” menu. These are long URL’s that are impossible to remember. To help your future referrals, you should use URL shorteners, or what is much better, buy a domain. A domain will remain yours and will work as long as you want. For domain registrations, I recommend NameCheap. They sell domains as low as 88 cents for a year and you will get free privacy protection service too. I own more than 50 domains now, most of them were registered with NameCheap. I can tell you, they are a very reliable and customer friendly company.

You should register some webcam related domain, something like “” or “”. After registration, go to  your NameCheap dashboard, click on the “Manage” button next to your domain and add a redirect record to your desired Chaturbate affiliate link (whether you like PPL or Revshare).

NameCheap Domain Redirect

NameCheap Domain Redirect

Tips to Promote Chaturbate

I’m planning to write a more comprehensive guide for adult affiliate methods. Until that, here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Advertising on porn sites: It costs money, but it’s a legit way to promote. Affiliates often use banner and pop-under advertising. You can contact porn sites directly or use advertising networks. Some smaller sites even sell links in their navigation menu.
  • Other advertising: You can promote Chaturbate on any site, that allows adult content. I assume, most of the readers have experience with PTC sites and traffic exchanges. Unfortunately, these kind of programs usually prohibit adult content, so don’t use them, otherwise you can get banned. Some networks allow adult content however, one of them is the well-known Mellow Ads.
  • Social media: Some social media sites are tougher, others are looser with adult content. Tumblr is very relaxed with adult stuff, in fact, Tumblr is a porn paradise. You can start your own blog and as you build up audience, you can start promoting your favorite adult affiliate program. You don’t even need to post much own content, you can reblog from others. Take a tour on Tumblr and see how other blogs work.
    As I said, Tumblr is full of porn, but it’s hidden by default when you register. You can enable adult content on the “Settings” page under “Filtering” by switching off safe mode. If you want to search for adult content, look for a little lock on the far right of the search results page and click on it. Adult related material will appear.
  • Porn uploading: If you visit porn tube sites, like XVideos, you can notice, that many videos have domains in the title or description. Some other videos contain small watermarks in the corner. These videos were uploaded by people, who promote various affiliate programs. All you need is a video editing program, like Windows Movie Maker or things like VideoPad or Shotcut (among many others). All of them are free. The biggest drawback of this method is that you need many videos, preferably a few hundred, to generate enough traffic and sales.
    Word of warning: this method is widely used, but it’s still a black-hat method. Videos that are found on the internet are copyrighted. Although it’s not likely that you get into serious trouble, and most people get away with it, your account might get banned from the tube sites and eventually from Chaturbate. The only safe and legal way to do this method is to use your own videos. If it’s not possible, use amateur videos and write your domain in the title or description. Don’t use videos from big studios with famous pornstars.
  • Start your own porn site: I don’t recommend this for newbies, but it might be a good idea in the long run. If you need hosting service (not just for adult material), I recommend StableHost. It’s a relatively small, bur reliable company. I use their service since 2014 and I’m a very delighted customer. Avoid free hosting services like plague, they are crap and unreliable. They don’t allow adult content and affiliate links and they will ban you as soon as you start getting traffic.
  • Things to avoid (serious danger of banning from the affiliate program): email marketing, spamming, chat traffic. Never use unauthorized images or videos of Chaturbate models. Methods that involves copyright infringement are not recommended.

How Much Can I Earn?

It’s hard to answer this question, because it depends on many factors, like the methods you use and the amount of time you spend with promotion. As you collect more and more referrals, your earnings will increase. I can’t stress enough that this job pays well, but you have to be patient and persistent. When I started, I didn’t earn a dime in the first month or so, but I kept on and my earnings slowly started to show and grow month by month. Now I earn hundreds of dollars a month, so it’s definitely possible within a few months.

Naysayers say that it’s too late to start adult affiliate marketing in 2018. They say, the market is oversaturated and too many people promote programs like Chaturbate. I totally disagree. It’s true, you could earn more of money a few years ago, but you can still earn decent money if you join now. I just started my affiliate career last year and I’m very happy with the results. The saying is proven to be true: Sex sells! See my proof:


If you don’t have the guts, or don’t want to work as a cam model, you can still earn a decent income with adult affiliate marketing. Just click the banner below. For affiliates, age verification is not necessary.

How Do I Get Paid?

For both models and affiliates, Chaturbate pays twice a month by default: after the 1st and 15th of each month. Daily withdrawals are also available now, but it might be more expensive due to fees.

Payment methods include check for North-American members and multiple payment methods for international members. The most popular payment processor is Paxum some others are Cosmo Payments and ePayments. All of them provide MasterCard debit card for their customers, so they can withdraw their earnings from any local ATM.

Wire transfer is also available, so you can get paid directly to your bank account. Members outside North America are required to successfully complete two payments via other methods before they can use wire. The fee is also a bit high, $45, however it’s definitely the most reliable method to get paid.


I hope, I could give some ideas for people, who seriously want to earn money online. Don’t expect quick results however. I can’t stress enough, that persistence is the key of success. Most people upload 20 videos and quit, because they can’t see quick results. The few others who keep up and upload 100 or 200 videos will eventually see results and start earning. It will work, if you reach the critical mass. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments.

Good Luck and Happy Earnings!

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