Buxhost To Close?


According to this EMS thread, BuxHost is no longer accepts new orders because the company will close later this year. Good riddance. Once BuxHost was the hotbed of short-living PTC scams. Sites that used their script and services had bad reputation from launch. The vast majority of BuxHost sites were guaranteed scam within a few […]

KingsBux – Scam


Forum posting is disabled on KingsBux. The last payment proof in the forum is from February 12. The “Payment Proofs” page shows payments until February 18, but these are probably fake, as some members complained. Considering that KingsBux had had problems, it more than likely that they stopped paying and turned to scam.

NeoBux – Set Your Skrill Email


NeoBux added Skrill to the list of their payment processors in December, at first for purchases only. From sometime next week, Skrill will be available for withdrawals also, as a full fledged payment processor. For this reason, the NeoBux admin asks members who wish to use this processor, to check their account settings and set […]

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