EpicClix – Free Auto Recycling


The admin of EpicClix has been desperately trying to stabilize his sites for a long time and that leads to complaints, reduced earnings, dissatisfied and leaving members. The performance of rented referrals is one of the main subject of complaints.

Now the admin offers free auto recycling for a limited time, depending on membership:

OliveAdverts – PayPal Removed


It’s a few day old news that the OliveAdverts admin’s 12 year old PayPal account was closed therefore the site discontinues to use PayPal. The remaining payment methods are Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Payeer, OKPay were recently added. Fortunately, the site has some funds reserved outside of the PayPal account, but it does not […]

BuxP – February Updates


February updates from BuxP: BuxP toolbar is no longer available. The supplier of the toolbar is now focusing on mobile applications and BuxP will do the same. They are working on a mobile application. Existing users can keep the toolbar, but it will not be updated and can no longer be downloaded from the site. […]

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