Payment No.4 from AyuWage

AyuWage, $5.00, September 12, 2016

I got my fourth payment from AyuWage. It took almost a month since I requested my payment, but it not unusual from them nowadays. The important thing is that I got my money, as usual.

I admit that AyuWage has some flaws, but on the other hand, they offer one of the best earning opportunity in the PTC industry on better days. For this reason this site will remain in my portfolio.

ClixSense – Hacked Again?


Several people complained today that their ClixSense user name was changed to “Hacked Account” and balance was reseted. Currently the site is unavailable, at least for me. It seems that ClixSense was hacked again and the attacker(s) got access to the database. I hope, the admin has a backup. Update: ClixSense is back. Account balances […]

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