AmorClix – PayPal Issue Shortly After Launch

Six days after the launch, the admins of AmorClix announced  that PayPal is no longer available on the site. They didn’t give much details, just referred to “security reasons”, but the real reason might be account limitation. The remaining payment processors are EgoPay, Payeer, Payza and PerfectMoney. AmorClix is a new bux site opened on September 28. […]

PTC News, October 6, 2014

ImmoBux owner launched a new site, PayImmo. It’s a common technique among unsustainable  “bux” sites that the owners open a second or third site to pay the debt of the previous ones. This is why it’s suspicious when the same owner opens multiple sites within a short period of time. ImmoBux claims to be a […]

PTC News, October 2, 2014

More non-paying sites:  IonBux and CupBux both stopped paying on September 25. Both sites owned by the same admin and have been suspicious for a while. PlatinaClix likely puts fake payments to the “Proof of Payments” page, several members are complaining that their name appears on the list, but didn’t get money. ClixBox started paying […]

PTC News, October 1, 2014

PTCRed: beware of this site, it’s from the owner of FrenChiClix, a recent failed or scam site. FrenChiClix launched on May 31 and suddenly closed in mid September announcing that they were no longer able to pay and maintain the site. Thanks to PTC Investigations for the heads up. It seems that payments are starting […]

PTC News, September 30, 2014

EazyBux(.net): hasn’t paid since September 24. The admin made a lame excuse about power outage on September 29 but he still doesn’t pay. There are several complaints in the forum. EazyBux is owned by the same owner as GladBux, a previous (but still online) notorious scam. Golden Group sites: posts require preliminary approval in their […]

PTC News, September 28, 2014

ClixBox: withdrawals were re-enabled at Friday/Saturday server reset (Saturday 00.00 UTC). Since then, almost 48 hours later, there are still no new payment proofs, what is not too reassuring, although according to their ToS, payments are processed within 7 workdays. CashNHits: a new earning opportunity, Peanuts Labs surveys was added. ClearBux: as the admin promised, the […]

DignityBux Is Closing

After more than two weeks of inactivity, the admin of DignityBux announced the closure of the site because he allegedly has no time for PTC due to his new job. He states that most investors reached their ROI and asked those who didn’t or are in loss to contact him via email at dignitybux2014 (at) […]

PTC News, September 22, 2014

ImmoBux:  point system was added, 1000 points = $1 in purchase balance. Members get 1 point for each PTC ads they click and forum posts they make, 3 points for each direct referral or each dollar they deposited. This site is currently on the High Risk List, mainly because their current business model is not […]

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