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Several HeedYou accounts got hacked recently, the admin asks members to change their passwords:

Recently, several accounts got hacked. According to our logs, attackers already knew the passwords.
We can only assume that unprotected database with passwords got leaked from another website and they are just trying the same sets of username and password on HeedYou.
If you have used your HeedYou password anywhere else, please, change it ASAP to avoid losing your account or money to hackers.

We saw several similar attacks in recent years but it does not stop people from using the same passwords on different sites. It’s a very bad practice for security reasons. A rogue admin or hackers using a security hole on one site can get open access to your accounts on other sites. Therefore it’s important to use strong unique passwords on each site you register with.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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