ClixSense Changes – Update from the Admin


Jim, the admin of ClixSense posted some updates regarding the changes from mid July:

Members, after hearing from many of you and your concerns for the new checklist bonus commission, we have listened to your concerns and have decided to adjust the checklist bonus to 16% for everyone, similar to what we have now for our premium accounts. (12% Regular Bonus + 2% Activity Bonus + 2% ClixAddon Bonus). In other words, everyone’s accounts will be equivalent to the current premium status and more.

The 20% affiliate commission will be unchanged.

Also, because July 15th falls on a weekend, we’d prefer to have the change on a weekday, so the changes will not be effective until Monday July 17th.

Also some of you had some very good questions and I would like to address those now.

• I have an advertising campaign setup that is linked to the ClixGrid page. What will happen to this once you make this change?

We will redirect this to our homepage. This will happen for any page that we removed.

• I have sticky ads running that are not set to expire until after the change, what will happen to these?

We will stop all PTC ads, ClixGrid ads and sticky ads and prorate a refund of any remaining ad credits or sticky ads.

• I purchased an upgrade for one of my referrals. When you cancel all upgrades, will the referral get the money or will I get it?

All refunds on upgrade purchases will be made back to the person who made the purchase. So, if you purchased an upgrade for your referral, then you will be credited back the balance of that upgrade.

• Now that you have stopped selling ad credits and ClixGrid, what happens to these requirement for the checklist bonus?

We have removed the PTC and ClixGrid option from the checklist bonus so that is no longer required. Also, 1 cent offers from the offerwalls are excluded from the checklist bonus. If you look at the checklist bonus you will now see that PTC and ClixGrid are no longer required.

• Will you have new advertising banners for us to promote with?

Yes we will have new banners created in time for our change on July 17th.

That is all for now. We appreciate your input and look forward to showing you the all new ClixSense.

Thank you

You can read the announcement here, and this time the topic wil be left open for comments.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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