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Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $200 in btc 50% 30,000 satoshi to btc wallet payments on Sundays 2012

This is not a normal PTC site, but a bitcoin faucet, the best one. One of the few bitcoin faucets that I consider worthvile and I regularly use. It was opened in 2012. Comparing to other faucets, is a more serious website, it has several features.

The main (and free) earning feture of is the chance to win $200 in bitcoins in every hour. All you need to do is click the captcha and the “claim” button. You can multiply your earnings in a dice game, however this is a gambling feature and not free. You might even lose. has an affiliate program. You can refer unlimited number of people and get 50% commissions from their free claims, 0.25% from gambling and 25% from their daily interest. You can even share a percentage of your commissions with your referrals to incent them. I use this feature. If you join under me, I will pay back 20% of my referral commssions to you!

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