ClixSense Review 2019



Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
none/GPT 35% $10.00 check, Payoneer, Tango, Skrill few days 2007

Unfortunately, ClixSense is no longer a PTC site, but we think it can still be worthwile for some people. It’s a big site with over 7 million members. ClixSense has been online and paying since May, 2007. It offers many was to earn, including completing offers and simple tasks, taking survesy and referring other members.

Earning Opportunities on ClixSense

PTC ads, ClixGrid Game an membership upgrade along with the 8-tier referral system were discontinued in July, 2017. The main reason for changes was the bad reputation of the PTC industry and that the owner wants to move away from it.

One of the best features of ClixSense are paid surveys. You might get multiple surveys per day. They usually take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete. You can earn up to $1 per survey or even more.

Clixsense Surveys

Clixsense Surveys

You can get notified about new surveys, tasks, etc. during the day by ClixAddon, a browser extension.

Premium Membership

Although I don’t advocate to jump into buying membership upgrades right away, I mention that ClixSense offers a yearly upgrade option for $17. This is really cheap comparing to most other PTC sites and gives several benefits, including four guaranteed daily $0.01 ads and eight-level affiliate commissions.

ClixSense Premium Membership

The Benefits of ClixSense Premium Membership

Payment Options on ClixSense

Unfortunately, ClixSense has lost its PayPal account recently, however it offers a wide range of payment processors. North American members can get their earnings by check. For international users, Payza is the most straightforward option. Other payment options are Neteller, Skrill, Paytoo, Payoneer and Tango card. Checks are sent out once a month. Electronic payments are processed manually, so they are not instant. Members usually have to wait a few days to get their payments.


I would say, it’s the best of the best PTC sites, especially for those who have no referrals. Although payment treshold is a bit high, even non-US members can reach it within a reasonable time, thanks to surveys and the various other earning options.

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