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Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
$0.0012 or more 50% $6.99 Payza,bitcoin NET 30, then instant 2008

BuxP is the third biggest PTC site with more tha 500,000 members. This site opened in 2009.

BuxP is a dynamically developing site, mostly focused on social media related services. Its earning features include clicking PTC ads, completing offers and simple tasks, taking surveys and referring other members.

Most PTC ads pay $0.0012, sometimes higher. Ads refreshed at the top of every hour. Beware the anti-cheat ad!

Another earning feature is tasks. There are two group of tasks: BuxP tasks, that was posted by the site itself and member tasks, that were posted by members. These tasks are mostly signig up for other sites, write comments or reviews etc.

As I have mentioned, BuxP is mostly focused on social media. You can earn by watching YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as by commenting them. BuxP also pays for Facebook likes.

Unfortunately BuxP lost its PayPal account too earlier this year. There are two payment options available at the moment: Payza and bitcoin. The owner has expressed that he is seeking for opportunities to bring back PayPal, as well as adding new payment methods. Payment minimum is $6.99. The first payment is processed manually within 30 business days, all others are instant.

BuxP is proven to be a long standing, safe site to earn money.

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