PTC Rewards – A Suspicious Site


PTC Rewards ( is a new PTC site opened in December 2017. Another site has existed with the same name and design in 2014 and gone scam.

The current site is using a free domain. “.ga” is a top-level domain for Gabon, but available for free registrations. A PTC site that doesn’t want to pay a few dollars for the domain is suspicious at best. On the top of that, PTC Rewards also uses an illegal copy of EvolutionSript. Stay away from sites with illegal, nulled scripts. They can be stolen, copied, edited and contain malware.

After further investigation, we found a third site with the same name and design: This site launched in April, 2017 and it’s another scam. It has no forum or Payment Proofs page, and it’s no longer paying according to PTC monitor sites. Stay away!


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