Best PTC Sites

PTC (Paid To Click) sites provide one of the easiest way to make money online. No special skills, investment or much time required. I attempt to compile an ever updated list of the best trusted PTC sites that are safe places to earn for everyone.

Why are these sites are the best? At first, all of them are legitimate websites that pay their members without major problems or complaints. This is a basic requirement. All of these PTC sites have been online for longer time, they are established and proven to pay their members. The sites are ordered by profitability: the most profitable sites are first. All of these programs are free to join. Most PTC sites offer membership upgrades, however I don’t recommend to jump into spending money until you get familiar with them.

Happy Earnings!

Top 6 PTC Sites of 2019


NeoBux - the king of PTC sites

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $0.015 50% from $2 Skrill, NETELLER, AirTM instant 2008

NeoBux is the absolute best PTC site. It’s far the most populated site with several million members. It’s often called “The King of PTC”. Neobux has been online and paying since 2007.NeoBux pays its members to click and view ads, completing offers and simple tasks and refer other members… Read more


ClixSense- the best GPT site

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
none/GPT 35% $10.00 check, Payoneer, Tango, Skrill few days 2007

Unfortunately, ClixSense is no longer a PTC site, but we think itcan still be worthwile for some people. It’s a big site with over 7 million members. ClixSense has been online and paying since May, 2007. It offers many was to earn, including completing offers and simple tasks, taking surveys and referring other members… Read more


 HeedYou - the hidden gem of PTC

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $0.01 25% $2.00 PayPal, Payeer ~ 24 hours 2012

HeedYou is the hidden gem of PTC world. It’s a reltively new but promising site. It opened in 2012 as Clicks-FX. Later it was rebranded to HeedYou… Read more

Donkey Mails

Donkey Mails

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $0.01 10 – 1%, 5 levels $varies by gateway bitcoin, Payeer, PM, STP few days 2005

Donkey Mails is an established PTC and PTR (Paid To Read) site, online since 2005. This site has lots of earning options: PTC and PTR ads, offerwalls and many more… Read more

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $200 in btc 50% 30,000 satoshi to btc wallet payments on Sundays 2012

This is not a normal PTC site, but a bitcoin faucet, the best one. One of the few bitcoin faucets that I consider worthvile and I regularly use. It was opened in 2012. Comparing to other faucets, is a more serious attempt, it has several features… Read more

Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks

Per click Ref click Cashout Payment via Payment wait Lauched
up to $0.01 25% $2.00 Payeer, Perfect Money few days 2009

Scarlet Clicks has been online since 2009. It’s a relatively simple site, earning options are PTC ads, Scarlet Grid game, Paid to Sign Up offers and PTCWall… Read more

What Is PTC?

The Definition of Paid To Click

PTC, or Paid To Click sites are online advertising platforms that deliver traffic from paid visitors.

PTC sites have two main user groups: advertisers and members, the potential costumers. PTC sites act as middlemen between the two groups. Advertisers pay to display their ads and bring visitors to their websites, products or affiliate links. Members get rewarded when they click and view these advertisements for a short amount of time. In other words, PTC sites are advertising services that share their revenue with their members.

GPT Sites

Besides clicking ads, most PTC sites offer several other ways to earn for their members. Common earning features are taking surveys, completing offers, doing simple tasks, watching videos, registering on websites or write comments. Websites that offer various earning opportunities are also known as GPT (Get Paid To) programs.

What Do I Need to Join Paid To Click Sites?

  • PC or laptop. Warning! Some PTC sites prohibit to use their services from touch devices, tablets or phones. The safest option is to use the same device for clicking ads, a traditional desktop PC or laptop with a mouse.
  • Internet connection. Warning: ALL PTC sites prohibit to use their services via proxies or vpn services.
  • Email account: Probably you have already have it, but you might consider to use a different email address for money making sites. Gmail is a good choice here.
  • Payment processor account: Payza is currently the safest and most supported for PTC sites.
    Other payment options are Neteller, Skrill, SolidTrustPay, Payeer and more. Hopefully, more and more PTC sites will embrace bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
    PayPal is no longer recommended and most sites lost their accounts.
  • Bank account: To withdraw your earnings if you want to spend spend it offline. Bank card can also be used to verfy your PayPal account. Some sites require verified PayPal account for deposits.
  • Bitcoin wallet (optional): Necessary if you want to use bitcoin faucets. Also, more and more other sites accept bitcoin as a payment method beside other payment options like PayPal. There are dozens of bitcoin wallets, I recommend BlockChain or Xapo.

How to Earn on PTC Sites?

Clicking Ads – The Easiest Way

Clicking PTC ads is the simplest way to earn on PTC sites. You have click advertisements and view them for certain amount of time, typically between 5 and 30 seconds. When the timer ends, you need to click a simple captca to get credited.

ClixSense Cat Captcha

ClixSense Cat Captcha

PTC sites usually pay in US dollars. Some ads might be geo-targeted and only available for certain countries. Because of that, members from North-America and some Western European countries earn more with PTC sites.

Tip: Most PTC sites don’t require to keep the ads in focus. While the timer is counting on a site, you can click other sites. This way, you can click mutiple PTC sites at the same time.

Other Ways to Earn – Multiple Your Earnings

Some sites have the opportunity to earn with taking surveys. It pays much better than clicking ads, ClixSense has surveys worth $1 or even mre, depending on your county.

Clixsense Surveys

Clixsense Surveys

Doing simple tasks is another popular and well paying option on PTC sites. These tasks usually provided by CrowdFlower. Some sites also refer Paid To Sign Up offers as tasks.

CrowdFlower Tasks

CrowdFlower Tasks

Offers, offerwalls.

Affiliate Programs – PTC Referrals

Every PTC and GPT program has affiliate program. Members earn commission for the work of their referrals. Most of the best PTC sites allow their members to refer unlimited number of people. You can get referrals by promoting your referral link. PTC site also offer promotional material, banners and splash pages.rented referrals.

Rented Referrals

Some PTC sites, mostly new ones,  offer the option to rent referrals. In most cases these referrals are not humans but bots, clicking robots. Their clicking activity is manipulated according to the interests and financial state of the site. Some bux sites offer highly active referrals to incent members to invest more. But at the same time, this might cause stability issues.

It’s very important to mention that the profit is not guaranteed and renting referrals is more like gambling. Also, on some sites, renting is not profitable for free members. For the above, I rather recommend to focus on direct referrals.

How Much Can I Earn on PTC Sites?

Some sites but mostly promoters promise thousands of dollars per month from clicking ads. This is obvious bullshit, maybe some top promoters can earn that much.

Realistically, you should not expect to earn a living from PTC and GPT sites, but it’s possible to make a reasonable residual income.

Your earnings heavily depends on the number of sites you are active on, the type of those sites, the number of your referrals and the type of earning features you use. On one site, you can earn a few cents a day. Of course, if you join multiple sites, you multiply your daily earnings. You can earn more on bux sites than on normal PTC or aurora site, however the risk of not getting paid is bigger (but usually you can still advertise). If you have referrals, you can greatly increase your earnings. Most sites offer multiple earning opportunities beside PTC ads, like offers, tasks, surveys, watching videos, etc. I highly recommend to take advantage of them if you have time. By utilizing these features, you can earn a few dollars per day per site.

Some Tips for New PTC Users

  • Read the Terms of Service (TOS) and FAQ pages before join a PTC website.
  • Don’t use autoclicker software or any other automated method to click ads. PTC sites can detect these. This is considered as cheating and leads to account suspension. Some PTC sites forbid to click ads on mobile devices (read TOS!). The safest way to click ads is a traditional desktop PC or laptop with a mouse.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts for the same site, it’s is forbidden. In fact, you need only one account per PTC site to build it and promote your referral links to get direct referrals.
  • Most sites don’t require much personal information other than your name, but some does. Fill the registration details accurately. Most sites check accounts before payments to filter out fake accounts/cheaters.
  • New PTC sites have a huge failure rate,therefore they are not featured on my best PTC sites list. Most new PTC sites opened either by scammers or incompetent admins. Only a frection of them survive in the long run. New PTC sites are mostly recommended for experienced, risk-taker users.
  • Some suspicious sites requires members to send copies of their personal documents in order to get paid. Never comply with such requests! Your personal data can be misused or abused either by a scammer admin or hackers.
  • Have an antivirus software and firewall installed. In my experience, PTC sites are not more dangerous than any average website, but it never hurts to be careful.
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