Payment No. 2 from LogiPTC

LogiPTC, $5.06, February 9, 2017

I received my second payment from LogiPTC on February 9. I got my money after 12 days, which is a bit more than the normal waiting time. However we have seen much longer delays on other sites.

LogiPTC is a simple PTC site, members must view advertisers’ websites for ten seconds. Each ad is worth half cent. It’s not bad comparing to other sites. The number of ads varies day by day. Daily earnings are mostly around three cents but might exceed ten cents on better days. Referral earnings are 50%, the minimum amount to withdraw is $5.

LogiPTC has still PayPal, enjoy while it lasts. Hopefully they will introduce new payment methods if necessary.

Several people had bad experiences with AyuWage recently. LogiPTC is a similar site and might be an alternative for them.

One thing that must be noted is the warning system which is a bit more forgiving. Members must follow the given instructions, otherwise they get a warning. Accounts will be banned after accumulating five warnings. Warnings expire every 24 hours.

Unlike AyuWage, LogiPTC is not involved in click fraud, they don’t require members to click on third party ads. Although some advertisers openly ask for it.

If you would like to try LogiPTC, you can register here. You can see the whole payment proof by clicking here.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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