Payment from Donkey Mails

Donkey Mails Payment, $1.00, April 20, 2017

I got my first ever payment from Donkey Mails, the established PTC and PTR site.

Donkey Mails has a low, $1.00 payment minimum for PayPal (they still have it) and even lower for some other payment processors. It’s important to note, that cashout is not always open. Members sometimes must wait a few days. Payments processeed within 14 days.

DonkeyMails is mostly known as a PTC and PTR (Paid To Read) site. It gives ads up to $0.01. Paid to Read mails worth $0.0025. These are short emails containing text ads. You can read them in your Donkey Mails account under the “Your Inbox” menu. Alternatively, you get the emails to your email account. If you don’t want to receive such emails, you can opt out from this in your account settings. Or use another email account or use mail filters etc.

Besides PTC and PTR ads, Donkey Mails offers other ways to earn. Several offerwalls, including MinuteStaff, paid to promote and five-level affiliate program are also available for members.

If you would like to try Donkey Mails, you can sign up here.

ou can see the whole payment proof here (yes, the sender name is Planet-Traffic).

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