GrandClickers – Changes In Withdrawals And Deposits

The admin of GrandClickers Ltd, GrandClick, Grand Monopoly and The Buxer announced changes regarding to withdrawals and deposits: Members must have verified PayPal account to deposit. Verified status is not necessary for Payza. Only PayPal depositors can withdraw to PayPal and their account must be verified. Members, who did not deposit, can withdraw to Payza

Twickerz – PayPal Removed


Marijoy, the admin of Zigma Network (Twickerz and YouGetProfit) announced, their PayPal account was limited, therefore they remove PayPal from the list of their payment processors. She suggest members to dispute all their deposits and reinvest the money via the remaining payment processors, Payza or Perfect Money.

Transferring funds from account balance to purchase balance …

CashnHits – Back Online

Cash 'n' Hits

CashnHits is back online. The site was restored from the December 30 state, before it was hacked.

Julia’s PayPal account was limited so now they use Saket’s account. Account balances are currently set to 0, but the admin promises that nothing will be lost. Previous balances can be found in “Old balance”. This will be …

LittleBux – Some Changes


Some changes were introduced yesterday by the LittleBux admin to ensure the site’s stability. Standard members will get four half cent guaranteed ads instead of one cent ads. Referral earnings will not be affected by this change.

The admin introduced an AdAlert feature what is available for Ruby and Ultimate members for now. Members will …

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