ProBux Birthday – Still No Progress

ProBux main pageToday is two years since one of the most controversial PTC sites, ProBux was launched, however members’ joy is not unclouded. What we feared really happened, there is still no progress regarding to payments. In fact, there is regress, at the moment, only one processor is available with restrictions.

Admin announced daily payment restrictions for …

PTC News, August 24, 2014

PayPal account of GrandBux(.net) is currently under investigation and temporarily limited. During this period the site is not being able to process any withdrawals and deposits. Most PTC sites go through this PayPal review, they either pass it or fail and get their account permanently limited. Lets hope the best. Link

BinaryBux stopped payments …

RefBan For Sale

Shortly after the launch of VIRU5, Rogue sells one of its previous sites, RefBan (Referral Banners). In the first round, they are looking for bidders via their newsletter.

A fresh start!

2 years ago we came up with a unique concept for a new kind of banner network. Since then over 400 million banners have

ClixGoup (Neatclix, 88Bux, 88Clix) Phishing

Admin of NeatClix puts fake ads on popular PTC sites to steal login details, usernames and passwords.

Check out the corresponding EMS threads for more info:,344422.0.html,344093.0.html,342403.0.html

My advice to avoid such incidents is to use different passwords for each website, social network payment processor and email address. Also never login to your …

ProBux – Upcoming Birthday

ProBux main pageIn his latest message, ProBux admin announces, that they will remove the restrictions from their payment processors one by one to the site’s second birthday, August 28, starting with Neteller and Payza, then finishing with PayPal on the 28th. Until then, as a part of the alleged maintenance, they disable PayPal for deposits. He also …

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