Some Alternatives to EMS

emoneyspace domain issueEarnMoneySpace has been unavailable for almost a week now. The largest and most popular PTC forum disappeared suddenly without any prior notice earlier this week and since then we don’t know much about the reason behind it. Nonetheless, this domain issue does not necessarily mean that the site closed down for good.

EMS is owned …

PTCRewards Scam

PTCRewardsSeveral member complain about not getting paid. The number of ads increased, members started to use their account balances to advertise. There are even $.2 ads. The forum has been locked. The site obviously turned to scam, I moved it to the Blacklist.…

CroClix and EkoClix Changes

CroClix and EkoClix decreased value of self sponsored ads from 0.5 cent to 0.1 cent for free and premium members. At the same time, earnings from rented referrals were increased from 20% to 50% for them.

Membership upgrades, prices and maximum numbers of direct referrals were corrected too. New upgrade options were added, premium membership …

War of Clicks Changes

The admin announced a long list of changes to be maid in November. Some of the most important items are the following:

  • Reputation phase 2
  • Item purchases over $5 can be made by main balance, warcoin balance and 3rd party payment processors
  • Item purchases under $5 can be made by main balance and warcoin balance

PTC Bery Domain Change

PTC BeryPTC Bery is going through domain change right now, as the admin said, “due to some technical reasons”. The process takes 24 – 48 hours (from yesterday 8:49 server time). During this period, purchases are not available, but withdrawals work as normal. If you need to purchase anything, you can add funds on the …

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