RiseClix – Scam


RiseClix shows fake payments on the “Payment Proofs” page. Several people complain about not getting paid and also about account suspensions.

Watch out for their revenue sharing site, RiseRevShare. That’s owned by the same admin. Both of them were moved to the Problematic Sites list.

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I had very bad experiences with Riseclix, for me it looks quite clear by fraud from.
    Furthermore, there is a suspicion of money laundering for me.

    I was a member, and my account has been suspended several times. Each was informed that Paypal will withhold my deposit amount. It was then announced that they remit me the amount back to Paypal back and I then again to transfer.

    How so?

    For me, the money laundering.

    best regards from europe

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