PTCSolution – Drastic Measures To Survive

PTCSolution main pageAdmin of PTCSolution announced new, ever more drastic measures to save the site from going bankrupt. In a previous forum thread, they asked members about their opinion on how to solve the site’s financial problems. Some of these suggestions are reflected in today’s decisions, some others might be used in the future.

The measures are applied based on the members’ ROI (Return Of Investment): members with 120% and above are hit hardest, their account balances, purchase balances and premium memberships will be zeroed, while members with less than 100% will see no changes in their account.

The site began to experience problems last November when their PayPal account got limited. The admin took several measures to save PTCSolution, including launching another PTC site, Clixters and in the meantime PayPal issue was solved, but that was not enough. The site got in huge debt, they can’t keep up with payments, members often wait more than 60 days to get their money.

Despite all these unfavorable decisions, I give PTCSolution another chance. I take into consideration that the admin, Wiktor is honest and persistent all the time (what is quite rare in the PTC industry), I keep the site on the list of problematic sites to see how it evolves. But in any case, be cautious.

Click here to read the full list of measurements.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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