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PaidVertsAs the admin wrote, PaidVerts’ PayPal account has been limited and they suspended payments via all payment processors for two days. Meanwhile they are working on the issue. He even brought up the old rumor that PayPal no longer accepts Paid To Click websites and NeoBux and ClixSense will also loose their accounts.

One of the possible reasons behind the PayPal incident might be that an other blog published with proofs (what had been already known) that Jo Cook is the same person as Richard O’Neil, owner of several previous HYIP scams. Shortly after that, Jo’s Facebook account disappeared then returned with his real name.

The same rumor about PayPal and PTC sites was spread a few months ago by the admin of a failed site but it was proven false. Now the admins of ClixSense and NeoBux confirmed again that their PayPal account is not in danger. You can read their replies here and here.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:06 am


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  1. I’ve joined PaidVerts and encountered problem when trying to purchase ads using Paypal. Everytime I click the “Purchase Ads” button after entering my ads info, it said “Error: [{“L_ERRORCODE”:”10002″,”L_SHORTMESSAGE”:”Restricted account”,”L_LONGMESSAGE”:”Account is restricted”,”L_SEVERITYCODE”:”Error”}].” I also see in My Traffic Value forum, it seems that this site got many problems before. Wonder if this site legit or not.

    1. Yeah, purchasing ads with PayPal is also not possible due to the limitation.

      1. Hello, I have the same problem, could you fix it

        1. No, the only solution is to use another payment processor or your balance until they solve the problem with PayPal. I hope they can.

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