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HitClickFlow HitClickFlow suddenly became unavailable on Friday. Shortly after, the admin posted his explanation on Facebook why he closed the site. He claimed, he accumulated $15000 debt that he has to pay off.
Hi I’m an ex-admin of hitclickflow.com – why ex? As I closed this site today. Let me explain you what happened: I ran out of cash, as simple is that. But it’s not your cash only I ran out of. The site had about 45k usd in deposits and over 53k in withdrawals so that difference I covered from my own pocket. I also covered server fees, ddos protection fees and advertising costs so it was another 6-7k USD. So I ended up with 15000 USD debit on my account that I have to pay off now. I’m telling you this only because I don’t want some people to think that I ran away with full pockets. What did I do wrong? Let me tell you few things about ptc sites: *************** Why did I fail? I opened a site with no paypal at the beginning. Site with no paypal, pure ptc site I mean has no chance to survive. Everyone is moaning about f*** paypal even if they know that will end up with troubles. And it did. I was begging my partner to use his pp account and as far as I know their pp account is closed now – my big apologies for that. Why did I switched to manual paypal at some stage? To fool paypal. They won’t see the source of money coming in. So every site which is taking money with that method is fooling paypal and it will end up the same way I did at some stage. What else did I do wrong? I was to honest and let earn too much with too high RR AVG and adgrid prizes. PTC site will not survive with selling ads only. Why is that? Because 99% of people coming in to the site doesn’t give a s**t what they see and what they click about. They don’t care, only thing they care about is their own pocket. Large groups of useless users are clicking on the sites like robots but admin will never get anything out of that, unless they invest something. ********* I’m sorry for all those which lost money on my site and congrats for those which made huge ROI’s. Steven.
In fact, HitClickFlow was generous even for free members. Renting referrals was lucrative, members often won five dollar prizes, or sometimes even more on the grid.Things changed in early February, when the admin introduced a ROI system, similar to GrandBux. However, it was too late. As for free members, there is nothing new here. The vast majority of members join these sites to earn some free money. They don’t “invest” and usually don’t care the ads they click.  Anyone with a little PTC experience knows this. According to an EMS member, the admin of HitClickFlow owns another site BuxFiel. However he did not provide any evidence for his claim and I didn’t find any connection either. You can find a moderated version of the HitClixFlow admin’s message (same as above) on EMS here.

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