GlobalBux Payment Difficulties

GlobalBux main pageThe latest stability measurement from GlobalBux, lowering referral click rates was disadvantageous especially for members who rent referrals. GlobalBux admin reports that the number of payment request increased greatly but the amount of deposits decreased. In addition many members opened PayPal disputes against the site. This causes difficulties in processing payments, so he increases the payment waiting time from 7 days to 30 days to gather funds to pay members, besides the profit of the sister site, ResBux will be used to pay GlobalBux members too. The admin is also planning to sell some percentage or all of the site.

I will closely monitor both sites, GlobalBux and ResBux, and change their current status if necessary. However this incident should be a lesson for those who rent referrals hoping for sure profit.

Click here for the whole announcement in the GlobalBux forum.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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