EpicBux, EpicClix, ZenAdvert – PayPal Update


The admin of EpicBux, EpicClix and ZenAdvert updated his forum post about the PayPal situation.

The admin said, he has appealed against the PayPal account limitation twice but PayPal rejected them. He will fill another appeal, but he is not optimistic, there is a good chance that he will lose it. Therefore he came up with a backup plan.

Unlike other sites that recently lost their PayPal accounts, his sites will not require members to deposit via the remaining payment methods in order to withdraw. Instead, withdrawal terms, days between payment requests and maximum withdrawal limits will be changed.

Pending PayPal withdrawal requests will be cancelled, so members can request payment via the remaining payment methods, Payza and bitcoin.

The admin suggests to open a bitcoin wallet for members for whom Payza is not available and use a bitcoin exchange site like CoinBase if they want.

You can see the changed withdrawal terms here and the admin’s post here.

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