DavidsBux and ShareItBux Changes

DavidsBux main pageChanges on DavidsBux and ShareItBux: from the 30th of July, paid membership is required to cashout. A new type of membership that costs $1 per month was introduced for this reason. Pending payments has been put back to account balances. Members can withdraw again after they upgrade, according to the new terms. Good news are that the daily earnings will be fixed $0.03 for free members, $0.05 for upgraded members and free members can upgrade from their account balance.

DavidsBux and ShareItBux have already had odd rules, like account deletion after 14, now 30 inactive days and required screenshot from the members’ PayPal account.

For the time being, DavidsBux will remain on the list of recommended sites just because membership cost can be paid from account balance, but I doubt, this “forced investment” model will work in the long run. Also I think, putting back pending payments to account balances is an unfair move and it certainly does not help the credibility of the admin and his sites.

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am

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