ClixSense – Hacked Again?


Several people complained today that their ClixSense user name was changed to “Hacked Account” and balance was reseted. Currently the site is unavailable, at least for me. It seems that ClixSense was hacked again and the attacker(s) got access to the database. I hope, the admin has a backup.

Update: ClixSense is back. Account balances are restored but some members need to re-enter their name manually. Here is the admin’s announcement:

Members, I apologize for taking the site offline without warning but it seems this hacker was able to find an exploit and was able to remotely change the names and balances on some accounts. Some of you will need to reenter your names. None of your personal account information was exposed. We were able to restore many account names but we did not want to restore this information from our backup because it would mean much longer time offline so we made the decision to have some of you re-enter your first and last name.

We understand this is a major inconvenience to all of you as this person is causing us much grief. But, on a side note, we’ve opened an investigation with the FBI and they are now investigating to try and find this person.

Again I am very sorry for all of this and please be patient with us. We are doing the best we can to restore things back to where they should be.

Thank you

Updated: December 22, 2017 — 5:05 am


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  1. as of september 10, i guess its hacked again.

    1. I read about some minor glitches earlier today, but nothing serious. It works for me now.

  2. Apparently it was hacked again. I was able to work on the tasks a few hours ago, but then the webpage went blank, This is really annoying. I hope they can soon get the problem solved.

    1. ClixSense is back for me. The post was updated.

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