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There is a growing number of complaints over the internet about pending payments in AyuWage and other Incentive Network sites, like InnoCurrent. The admin posted a reply in the AyuWage forum today that all pending payments should be processed by the end of the weekend.

Payment delays are not rare on these sites. Payments normally should be processed within seven days, however in some cases it exceeds two weeks. I got my last payment after 16 days. I have another one pending now, I requested it on December 26, so we will see… Let’s hope the best.


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  1. I have been waiting to get my payments from AyuWage.com since January 2016. I have been working with this site for years, and never had a problem til 12/2015. I sent a support ticket in January, and they just replied on 3/11/2016. Yet I still have NOT been paid and my ticket was closed. I added a few comments on “AyuWage.com forum” and ALL have been filtered and NOT approved for public. But yet.. I get auto emails from them asking for me to return, and as I told them.. I will NOT return to AyuWage.com until I’m paid what is owed. Why would I add on to a debt, that AyuWage.com has been unsuccessful in paying thus far?

  2. There has been no payments from Ayuwage for nearly a month now… All new posts in the payment proof section are old payments from before Feb. 10th

  3. Requested payment at 4 feb, at today, no info about the payment, a waste of reputation of AyuWage after a lot of years of work.

  4. I requested a payment on January 12, didn’t receive it yet. Wrote a ticket 9 days after, didn’t get responded yet aswell… Something weird is going on, I advice people to take care of their time until this service starts working again…

    1. Did you get your money? I see that many members got paid in the last few days.
      It seems that AyuWage pays monthly now. Which would not be a problem, but they should announce it to members and not leave them in doubt.

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