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Alerts about scams, and other problematic sites.

ClixPal – Expired License


ClixPal launched recently with two sister sites, ClixGroups and ClixSonic. This in itself is a cause for concern. It’s not a good sign if an owner open multiple sites. The other problem is that ClixPal runs an expired, therefore illegal copy of EvolutionScript.

We find these sites strongly suspicious and their future is questionable at …

MountBux Scam

Payments have likely stopped on MountBux. Although the “Payment Proofs” page shows new payments but they are likely fake. Forum posting is also disabled. The owner is responsible for several recent scam sites, including the recently closed KeenClix, and MountBux is the next one. Watch out, the same admin owns another active site: SoundBux.…

KreanClix Is Closing


KreanClix is closing, the admin blames a buggy OmnyScript update:

In view of the inconvenience caused by omnyserver despite I am trying to solve all the problems,
we can not find a way to move forward.

To continue to be honest with you, unfortunately, I must tell you that this can not continue.

We tried

TraditionalClix Will Close Soon


According to the admin, TraditionalClix was hacked and the database has been irrevocably corrupted, therefore the site will close at the end of July. He promised to compensate members who added funds but have not recovered their deposit. They should send a support ticket containing the difference of deposited and withdrawn money. Ads and PTSU …

PhoenixBux – PayPal Limitation


The PayPal account of PhoenixBux has been limited. Currently the admin is using his own account to pay members, but only those who has added funds. They can withdraw 125% of their investment during this period. The admin promises to resume payments to free members as soon as the PayPal issue will be resolved.

If it will be ...

New Sites with Invalid Licenses

The following new PTC / bux sites use stolen copies of EvolutionScript:


I have added all of them to the list of Not Recommended sites. If they can’t afford a valid script, how will they pay members?

You can check the validity of new EvolutionScript sites here.

Source: …

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